Friday, July 25, 2008

Day 117- Nutrition Bite

Healthy wedding tips from the Sierra Club:
  • Showcase green gustatory pleasures by planning your menu around local, organic, and seasonal foods.
  • Ask the venue's preferred caterers and bakers if they can do your event organically.
  • Find a local organic restaurant that does off-site catering. If your wedding won't be complete without a specific type of food, get married when it's in season.
  • Find a caterer you trust to pick the best seasonal selections (since you may not be able to taste those exact items ahead of time).
  • Consider vegetarian selections and seek out free meats and wild, rather than farmed, fish.
  • Make sure the venue offers comprehensive recycling facilities and ideally composting too.
  • Have your cake decorated with organically grown flowers or other natural materials instead of plastic toppers.
  • Rent real glassware, dishware, and linens instead of using disposables.
  • Go for a chic eclectic look by mixing and matching thrift-store plates and dishes (and donating them back when you're done).
  • Use biodegradable utensils and dishes if your venue can composte them. Make arrangements to donate leftover food to a local food bank or homeless shelter.
Sugar Preacher's Experience
I like these tips, especially donating food to the local homeless shelter. We have had unhealthy leftover wedding food crammed in the refrigeration for the past week. It is very tempting to eat key lime pie, cheesecake, and wedding cake when it is in front of your face every time you open the fridge. My mom eventually started delivering it to the neighbors. Good riddins' to the junk food(pics in the right hand corner)!!!

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