Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Day 108- Nutrition Bite

Refined sugar has had all of the impurities removed and has been separated from its molasses. Molasses is residue consisting of sticky syrup produced during the initial sugar extraction process. All white sugar is refined and no difference exists between the taste of beet or cane sugar. Unrefined sugar is only partly purified and contains some molasses which affects color, texture, and taste. As beet molasses is inedible, all unrefined sugars come from cane. Unrefined sugar does may have a label saying "raw" or "unrefined." Unrefined sugars have the best flavor and aroma.

Sugar Preacher's Experience
Last week, I was visiting Irvine, California and dined at the Veggie Grill for lunch! I found a slice of Carrot Cake made with unrefined sugar and whole wheat flour. The cake was good but didn't compare to the fatty slice from the local bakery. However, I really enjoyed the Veggie Grill's menu, which offered Steamin' Kale, Sweet potato fries, etc... Who serves Kale as a side dish? This restaurant was healthy, and I was loving it!

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