Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Day 101- Nutrition Bite

The "no flour, no sugar diet" is also another popular diet. The diet requires participants to eliminate all foods that are flour-based or contain added sugars. Eliminating flour and sugar effectively reduces the amount of "empty" calories from your diet. Many of these foods (based on refined carbohydrates) are also high in fat (pizza, donuts, etc). Despite all the contrary dietary advice in recent years, a growing consensus exists regarding refined carbohydrates. We eat too many carbohydrates, which are filled with little nutritional value (not to mention the issue of glycemic response).

Sugar Preacher's Experience

If you are interested in any of the diets posted on Sugar Shun, I would suggest purchasing the book and following the diet. I have tried several diets, and the sugar shun diet is working well for me.  Eating healthy is a lifestyle change. Many good diets are available. Choose one and stick with it.. Consistency is the key in life!!

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