Friday, June 27, 2008

Day 89- Nutrition Bite

Sports drinks are overconsumed and filled with extra calories, sugar, and sodium. Sports drinks might be slightly healthier than soda. Juice is definitely healthier than sports drinks. Water is by far the healthiest. Sports drinks are a multibillion dollar business! A few sugar-free sports drinks are e-load, HEED by Hammer Nutrition, Ultima Repliner, Zip Fizz, and Jogger Juice. Sports drink consumption is recommended for endurance athletes. If you are at the gym working-out for an hour, save money and added calories by drinking WATER!!

Sugar Preacher's Experience

I recently started riding again. My definition of riding is cycling for three hours every other day. Recently, I biked up Millcreek Canyon in Utah and nearly bonked. I was with friends who had no food. At the top of the canyon, a stranger gave me a bite of his power bar and was a lifesaver. I have been following my Wed Shed Diet for a few days and discovered that 1200-1400 calories doesn't sustain you while participating in endurance activities. If you are exercising more than an hour a day and participating in the diet, please increase your calories. Nevertheless, during a ride yesterday a friend and I were discussing sugar-free sports drinks. After immediate research. I came to the conclusion that water and exercise bars were best for me (unless I'm riding for more than two hours). Water is the best drink possible for mankind!!! Humans can live without food for 4-6 weeks, but it would be a miracle if we could live without water for a week.

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