Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Day 86- Nutrition Bite

Some effects of sugar on the body:
  • Increases overgrowth of candida yeast organism
  • Increases chronic fatigue
  • Can trigger binge eating in those with bulimia
  • Increases PMS symptoms
  • Increases hyperactivity in about 50% of children
  • Increases tooth decay
  • Increases anxiety and irritability
  • Can increase or intensify symptoms of anxiety and panic in susceptible women
  • May cause difficulty with weight lose because of constant high insulin levels, which cause the body to store excess carbs. See http://www.unhinderedliving.com/sugardanger.html for more details.
Sugar Preacher's Experience
I have had at least six out of nine of the above side effects from sugar. Due to the elimination of refined sugar in my diet, I feel less irritable, I don't binge eat, I have maintained a healthy weight, and have reversed some of my cavities. A few weeks ago, I visited the dentist to get two teeth filled, however the dentist informed me these teeth no longer need work. I was taken by surprise but relieved of the $200 dentist bill. The reduction or elimination of refined sugars will reap vast benefits.

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