Monday, June 23, 2008

Day 85- Nutrition Bite

Eating healthy at airports:

  • Look for the low-fat options and seek out ways to add extra vegetables and fruits in soups, salads and side orders at airport food establishments. 
  • Food offered on most flights is extremely limited. Bringing your own food on the plane or is often the best option. You must keep any carry-on food inside your luggage. Any non-solid foods, such as yogurt, soup, peanut butter or canned fruit must be in three-ounce or smaller container.
  • You can also pick up yogurt, cereal and low-fat milk, fresh fruit, or a bagel (whole-grain if possible) on your way to the gate. Big bagels are fairly high in calories so add a dab of light cream cheese or peanut butter for protein and longer-lasting energy.
  • Look for low-fat takeout options among the many sandwiches, wraps, and burritos. A small deli sandwich or 6-inch sub can work well. Steer clear of giant cookies, which boast 200 to 300 calories each.
  • A bottle of water allows you to stay fully hydrated and drink on your own schedule. In contrast, those extra-large mocha whipped-cream coffee drinks have the calories and fat of a whole meal without the nutrients.
  • On the plane when drinks and snacks are served, think about what you take. Even those small soft drinks and tiny bags of pretzels add unneeded calories and refined carbohydrates.
Sugar Preacher's Experience
Airport food is annoying with high prices and unhealthy choices. LaGuardia airport has a selection of healthy choices and organic foods. The airport offers dehydrated fruits and nuts in bulk, but the price per pound was double than at the local grocery store. I spent $55.99 on groceries for the Wed Shed Diet and started today. I have been hungry all day with the 1200-1400 calorie intake. Hopefully, my body will take a week to adjust. If not, I'll increase my calorie intake.  My sister lasted only a a few days on the diet. She doesn't have time to prepare meals and cannot live without sugar! If anyone else has tried the diet, please let me know the results either positive or negative. 

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