Sunday, June 15, 2008

Day 76- Nutritional Bite

The Wed Shed Diet Day 7
Scrambled Egg, 1/2 cup
Bread, whole wheat (including toast), 1 slice
Oranges, 1 large

Trail Mix, 1/4 cup

Cantaloupe, 1 cup, cubed
Salad dressing, Balsamic Vinaigrette, 2 tbsp
Tossed Salad, 2 cups
Feta Cheese, 0.25 cup, crumbled
Vegetables, Mixed Salad Greens, 1 serving(s)

Apples, fresh, 1 medium

Brown Rice, long grain, 1/2 cup
Chicken Breast, no skin, 1 breast, bone and skin removed
Broccoli, fresh, 1 cup, chopped

1,288 calories with 44.2% Carbohydrates, 28.4% Proteins, 27.4 Fats


Rest day- Proper rest and recovery are also as important to health as exercise; otherwise the body exists in a permanently injured state and will not improve or adapt adequately to the exercise. Keep in mind that we only get stronger through recovery, not exercise. You can start the same exercise program tomorrow beginning with Day 3. Enjoy the rest day!

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