Saturday, June 7, 2008

Day 68- Nutrition Bite

Rising food costs are forcing some public schools to change lunch menus and raise meal prices. Prices for school menu staples increased 12 to 17 percent in 2007 according to USDA. Some of these foods, such as milk, are required by the government so schools can receive meal subsidies. Here are some examples of changes in Virginia schools:

Norfolk: rice bowls or lasagna will be served much less frequently
South Hampton Roads: increasing breakfast and lunch meal prices
Suffolk: offering limited corn and potatoes in the upcoming school year

Schools across the country are examining each small component of school meals in an effort to save money--combining fresh and frozen vegetables, replacing baby carrots with cut-up full-size carrots, and purchasing less expensive varieties of tomatoes vs. the popular grape tomoatoes. In April of this year, 100 school districts raised lunch rates in contrast to 40 districts in April 2007. Average increases have been 15 to 20 cents per meal with the highest increase at 50 cents.
(, May 20, 2008)

Sugar Preacher's Experience
The current astronmical food and gas prices are causing a change in the school lunch structure. I also read that some rural schools are moving to a 4-day school week due to the high gas prices. I think it would be wise to keep a 3-month supply of food storage and as much savings as possible.

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