Thursday, June 5, 2008

Day 66- Nutrition Bite

Healthy Backpacking Dinner
Freeze-dried foods are the prefered backpacking food for dinner. These foods are the most efficient. However, many other foods are available in the local supermarket such as:

Bean burrito- add hot water to pre-cooked pinto beans to allow them to rehydrate and become like refried beans. Next stir in one can of mild green chilis, one can of corn (drain cans well), and cheese is optional. Season to taste with packaged taco seasoning and salsa. Wrap in a tortilla. Fry in a pan or wrap in foil and toss in the fire to crisp up the tortilla and melt the cheese.
Instant potatoes- one small package of instant potatoes in whatever flavor you prefer, dehydrated spinach (it's really quick to make your own), one small can of corn. Cheese, pre-cooked bacon, and tabasco if preferred.
Black bean soup
- soup mix, canned or freeze-dried tomatoes and corn and pre-cooked bacon. You can also add elbow pasta such as Barilla Plus. Just remember to boil the pasta before adding the black bean mix and everything else.
Peanut veggie stir-fry- Cut up banana squash, zucchini squash, yams, cabbage, and red peppers if you have them. Simmer or sauté the vegetables adding yams first and cabbage that toward the end. Add peanut butter, coconut milk, brown sugar, lime or lemon juice, garlic, and curry powder to make a satay sauce. Or you may add your own seasonings. Serve with boil-in-a-bag rice if desired.
Sweet potato curry- Chop unpeeled sweet potatoes into small pieces for quicker cooking. After boiling or sautéing, add powdered coconut milk (it is more difficult --look in your local asian food stores. If you use canned milk instead, just remember to drain your potatoes first. Finally, add curry powder. Serve with boil-in-a-bag rice if wanted. Listed below are some links with more dinner ideas:

Sugar Preacher's Experience
We ate Mountain House freeze-dried foods every night. Yum!! By day six, I was happy to eat at the local Mexican restaurant in Vernal, Utah.

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