Wednesday, June 4, 2008

Day 65- Nutrition Bite

Healthy Backpacking Lunch
When planning your backpacking lunch, consider the following menus. Keep things simple because you don't normally want to cook or clean on the trail. Also, pack your lunches light but calorie-dense. If you plan to simply graze or enjoy a formal lunch, here are some lunch ideas.

Chicken Salad- Canned chicken, mayo (individual packets), yellow curry powder, sliced or chopped apples (or raisins), shredded cabbage, and pistachios or cashews are optional. Roll the salad in a tortilla and enjoy.
Tuna salad- Asian sweet and sour tuna in a pouch, shredded cabbage, mayo or oil. Wrap in a tortilla and enjoy. You can also add peanuts, wasabi, and vinegar.
Crab salad- A well-drained crab pouch, tiny bottle of tabasco, and mayo. Spread on wheat thins.
Cheese and crackers- Laughing cow cheese, Canadian bacon, and wheat thins. (This meat and cheese won't last too long unrefrigerated). Substitute with provolone and pepperoni for more longevity. Crackers or flat bread--add tuna, peanut butter, cheese, or honey.
Gorp- Nuts are calorie dense and fairly light.
Energy Bars- Simple to pack and some are made for endurance sports.
Meat snacks- Jerky or beef sticks
Dried fruit-Lightweight and easy to pack
Hard cheeses-Slice and put in small ziplock bag. Will last a few days in your pack.

Sugar Preacher's Experience
During my recent backpacking trip, I ate tuna on whole wheat bread and added a soft spreadable cheese. The sweet and sour tuna was really good! For snacks I ate cliff bars, trail mix, and dried fruit. My
electrolytes were low due to a lack of salt. I'll plan to bring more salty nuts next trip.

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