Saturday, May 31, 2008

Day 61-Nutritional Bite

A light-weight pack is key to an enjoyable backpacking trip. Carrying canned foods is a definite NO, but freeze-dried or dehydrated foods are a YES. The video link demonstrates how to dehydrate spaghetti sauce for your next backpacking trip. Spaghetti sauce also provides healthy nutrients. The dehydration process shown in the video can be used with most sauces.

Sugar Preacher's Experience
As a teenager participating in a youth adventure, I carried canned spaghetti in my pack. A light backpack is the key to less pain. This past week, we packed light with freeze-dried backpacking dinners. One of my favorite prepacked dinners was Pesto Salmon Pasta by Campfood, which had been in my food storage for five years. I like the idea of storing freeze-dried backpacking meals despite the expense.

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