Saturday, May 24, 2008

Day 54-Nutritional Bite

Swedish scientists discovered that a "Paleolithic Diet" reduces risk to diabetes. In the study, eating like a caveman improved the bodies ability to process sugar, even more than the Mediterranean diet. Both diets emphasized lean meats, fish, and vegetables. However, the "Paleolithic Diet" consumed more fruits and nuts and small amounts of grains and dairy products.

Sugar Preacher's Experience
The statistics were interesting regarding the "Paleolithic Diet" and how it improved the bodies ability to process sugar. I am sure the small portion size of the caveman diet also contributed to the results of the study. I am going to incorporate more nuts in my diet. The fat calories from nuts will hopefully help reduce my sugar cravings.

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Fit Mommy said...

In a recent study from Purdue University, women who ate two ounces of almonds (about 46) a day not only didn't gain wieght, but they also cut back on calories from other foods.
The study says that because almonds are very satisfying due to fiber, protein, and fat, they keep hunger and cravings in check. They also lower bad cholesterol.

One of my favorite salads is what I call Red and White Salad:

romain lettuce
slivered almonds
pomegranate seeds
reduced fat goat cheese
sliced red bell peppers
Wish bones red wine sprizter or any red wine or raspberry vinegarette (make your own with honey to comply with a sugar shun).