Monday, May 19, 2008

Day 49-Nutritional Bite

Diets Around the World- Ecuador
The Ayme family of Tingo, Ecuador spend $31.55 for their weekly food expenditure. Ecuador food mainly consists of fruits and vegetable because they are grown locally. The high quality of seafood and exotic fruits can make a healthy meal. Ecuador's national and regional dishes include lemon marinated shrimp, toasted corn, and patties stuffed with minced spicy meat. Ecuador is also known for their soups such as Locro soup consisting of cheese, avocado, and potato. Aji is an important hot sauce used in Ecuadorian cuisine. Ecuador is going through a transitional phase from a food aid recipient to a self-sufficient country. The World Food Program has been working very closely with the government of Ecuador to ensure the issues of hunger and malnutrition are being addressed.On the other extreme, the prevalence of overweight and obesity has been recently recognized in Ecuador. In 2004, 40.4 percent of women were overweight and 14.1 percent were obese. At greatest risk are the urban poor because of factors associated with urbanization and globalization.

Sugar Preacher's Experience
Obesity is becoming a worldwide epidemic with globalization. The occupational structure is changing from less blue collar to white collar, which leads to a sedentary lifestyle. The rise of efficient technology associated with the obesity epidemic because it is eliminating manual labor jobs. In corporate America, the workstations with a computer desk and a built-in treadmill might not be a bad idea! I know that I can easily gain 5 lbs a week sitting at a desk all day.

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