Sunday, May 18, 2008

Day 48-Nutritional Bite

Diets Around the World- Israel
Israel's diverse population is represented by over 70 countries. The diversity contributes to the various cuisine in Israel. The traditional Jewish and Mediterranean dishes influence the Israel diet. Typical foods in Israel include flat bread, lentils, fresh fruit and nuts, raw vegetables, lamb, beef, and dairy products, including goat cheese and many types of yogurt. Some dishes feature grilled meats and fish, stuffed vegetables, and traditional spicy Mediterranean salads and spreads, such as fava bean spread. Typical dishes are stews, schnitzel, cheese-filled crepes, matzo balls, and latkes (potato pancakes). Some of the world's best citrus comes from Israel. Israel does not have a national dish, by many believe it is felafel. Felafel is made from seasoned mashed chickpeas, formed into balls and fried. Felafel is typically served in a pita pocket with tahini and a lemon-flavored sesame sauce. Street vendors sell felafel sandwiches throughout Israel. A recent study concluded that Israel joined the universal obesity trend.

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