Monday, May 12, 2008

Day 42-Nutritional Bite

Diets Around the World- Zimbabwe
The majority of Zimbabweans depend on a few staple foods. "Mealie meal" is used to prepare bota and sadzu eaten at least five times a week. Bota is a porridge made by mixing the cornmeal with water to produce a thick paste. This is usually flavored with peanut butter, milk, and butter. Bota is usually eaten for breakfast. Cornmeal is also used to make sadza, which is usually eaten for dinner and lunch. Sadza is prepared similarly to bota and served with spinach, collard greens, beans, and meat. However, meat consumption is not very common due to the falling economy. Meat eaten is edible caterpillars, dried fish, ostrich, warthog, and crocodile tail. About 39 percent of Zimbabweans are classified as undernourished by the World Bank. Of the Zimbabwean children under the age of five, about 16 percent are underweight, and more than one-fifth are stunted (short for their age). Zimbabwean's have a 4.2% obesity rate.

Sugar Preacher's Experience
Cornmeal three times a day would get old. We are spoiled to have thousands of food choices a day. I may be over-nourished at times with so many greens and grains!!

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