Friday, May 9, 2008

Day 39-Nutritional Bite

Reading food labels is a key to a healthy diet! First read the ingredients. Each product should have the ingredients printed on the package or label. The ingredients are listed from largest to smallest amount (by weight) in the food item. This means a food contains the largest amount of the first ingredient listed and the smallest amount of the last ingredient listed. If you read sugar as the first ingredient, you might want to think twice.

Sugar Preacher's Experience
I purchased a granola bar at Whole Foods and didn't carefully read the ingredients. Brown rice syrup was listed, but I didn't notice brown sugar until after I had eaten the bar. Oops... I did eat a little refined sugar. Reading food labels is becoming easier for me. Avoiding foods with refined sugar is my goal!

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Meg said...

If you don't read food labels, you better stay out of a grocery store.