Saturday, April 12, 2008

Day 12-Nutritional Bite

Here's an average of a few foods Chicagoans consume in one year.



Pints of milk: 476 million  

Oranges: 469 million 

Slices of bread: 3.1 billion 

Cans of soda: 1.5 billion 

Candy bars: 529 million 

Hamburgers: 441 million 

Eggs: 722 million 

Chickens: 51 million 


Above is a glimpse of "Human Footprint", a show airing on The National Geographic Channel at 8p.m. tomorrow night. The program covers what you consume and discard from birth to death. The link below has more details.,0,2181082.story  

Sugar Preacher's Experience

The above program looks interesting since I contribute to the consumption stats, and the rise of obesity is linked to overeating. Last night, I attended a community food forum, and The French Culinary Institute prepared seasonal foods. The foods looked inviting, and I had a difficult time avoiding the dessert table. Instead, I indulged in the other foods. It is amazing how much food is available and consumed in America. Have a great weekend!

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Manny Prieto said...

Those desserts sure did look good . . . Kudos to you for sticking to the plan!

We did talk about blogs during the reception, so as promised, here's mine: