Tuesday, April 8, 2008

Day 8-Nutritional Bite

Food journaling encourages us to be mindful of our eating patterns. Keeping track and writing down eating patterns motivates us to think about what we eat, and thinking leads to less and better eating. The link below states the 10 top reasons to keep a food journal. http://www.weightlossmoms.com/nutrition/the-top-10-benefits-of-recording-what-you-eat-in-a-food-diary.html

Sugar Preacher's Experience

I strongly encourage food journal writing especially if you are trying to lose weight. Food journals help us acknowledge the reality of how and what we eat. Since I have been blogging on a daily basis, I don’t have a desire to eat non-refined sugar. In the past, my non-sugar endeavors would last a few weeks to a month. My longest detox involved a competition with a friend to see who could go the longest without sugar. My friend agreed to fix my sprinkling system if I won. I agreed to paint his house if he won. Sad to say, we both detoxed a month and neither of us paid up. Nevertheless, blogging has made the 365-day detox easy for me and it will help you.

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