Thursday, April 24, 2008

Day 24-Nutritional Bite

Make healthy food taste good and have fun! Children and teens are motivated by taste and fun. Studies indicate taste is a critical motivating factor in food choice. Only 27% of students report that health motivates them in making food choices. Unfortunately, nutrition is perceived to be negatively correlated with taste. But, you can make snacks into fun shapes, such as whole-wheat pitas into triangles and pancakes into alphabet letters. You can also try different combinations like chocolate grahams with strawberries, yogurt with bananas, or steamed vegetables with ketchup. Make it fun!
-Studies from Journal Public Policy and Marketing, Fall 2007.

Sugar Preacher's Experience
I agree nutrition and tasty foods don't correlate. However, I have increased creativity with my sugar-free diet by working on a sugar-free ice cream recipe and sorbet from fruit. Ice cream has been my craving for the past few days possibly due to the beautiful warm weather. I heard Soy Delicious makes an ice cream with brown rice syrup and other natural ingredients, but a sorbet from fruit will be healthier. You can be creative with your children and make food tasty and fun!

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Susan said...

I make homemade popsickles for my grandchildren, either out of fruit juice (made from concentrate but a little extra concentrated) or from fruit smoothies (water, juice concentrate and frozen fruit). It's the first thing they ask for when they come over.