Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Day 23-Nutritional Bite

Parents please make healthy choices for yourself! Be a good role model for your children. Your example of eating healthy will be most crucial. Studies have shown the most effective strategies to reduce obesity are parent's modeling behavior and the accessibility of healthier foods. The fruit and vegetable consumption by parents is the best predictor of young children's consumption of fruits and veggies, and the same is true for soda consumption.
- Creating an Environment in which to Eat a Healthier Diet by Leslie Lytle and Jayne Fulkerson

Sugar Preacher's Experience

Luckily, I have a grandmother and parents who are vegetable and fruit consumers. As a child, I helped my grandma make a green drink in a Champion juicer. We also made fruit leather in her dehydrator. My mother made sure we ate fruits and veggies with every meal. The garden in the backyard was also a nice addition. I enjoyed eating from the apricot tree, raspberry bushes, tomato plants, peach tree, etc.. My parents definitely set a good example of healthy eating patterns for their children. I'll end this paragraph with a fellow co-worker's mantra "what you model is what you get!"

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