Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Day 22-Nutritional Bite

Enjoy an Earth Day dinner with food, family, and friends! Celebrating Earth Day doesn't mean to only reuse, recycle, and reduce. You can also cook from scratch and enjoy a good family conversation as you eat together. Make meal time a positive experience and eat at least one meal daily as a family. Kathleen Zelman, MPH, RD, LD mentioned that studies verify what some might consider common sense--families that eat together eat more healthfully. They consume less fast food, soft drinks and fat, and more fruits and vegetables. Developing good eating habits early in life will stay with your children for a lifetime. A study reported in the 2003 Archives of Pediatric and Adolescent Medicine found that adolescents who frequently sit down to family meals receive better grades, less depression, and were less likely to drink alcohol, smoke, or use marijuana than kids who ate with their families less than twice a week. Let's celebrate Earth Day by cooking dinner from scratch or just dinner together!

Sugar Preacher's Experience
Some of my vivid memories were eating together with my family. I remember my Grandma and parents always encouraging us to eat our vegetables. Our conversations were lively with everyone trying to comment. I recall the conversations were predominately about school and sports with a father and two brothers heavily into sports. Family mealtime is an important time to receive nourishment and nurturing!


adheath said...

Whenever my family gets together for a formal meal, we do eat healthier. We have better conversation and we don't feel rushed to go off and watch the game or scatter throughout the house. When the meals are less formal there are always chips, soda, and other unhealthy things since we aren't sitting down together as a family. Without formal family meals, I wouldn't be nearly as close to my family as I am.

The Sugar Preacher said...

Thanks for the comments!