Monday, April 21, 2008

Day 21-Nutritional Bite

Teach children not to be sold by TV commercials. The Sesame Street Organization studied preschool children's perception of food in relationship with character appeal. The study was intended to see if character appeal would increase children's interest in choosing particular foods. The children in the control group were first shown stand alone Sesame Street characters and secondly shown stand alone food. The results were 78% children chose a chocolate bar and 22% chose broccoli. However, when Elmo was placed with the broccoli and Kludge was placed with the chocolate bar, 50% chose the broccoli and 50% chose the chocolate bar. These findings suggest that Sesame Street characters could play a strong role in increasing the appeal of healthy foods. Click on link for Sesame Street hands-on resource kit and health videos.

Sugar Preacher's Experience
A few weeks ago, I attended a Healthy Kids Nutrition Forum. The information gained from the Forum prompted me to dedicate this week's nutritional bites to parental tips. When I visit the store with my nephews and nieces, they always ask for sugar cereals advertised on TV. Children spend more and more time in front of the tube, meaning more time influenced by advertisements and other media messages. A media discussion with your children can be beneficial to help them develop critical thinking skills and media literacy.

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