Saturday, April 19, 2008

Day 20-Nutritional Bite

Take control of your sugar cravings by fasting! Doctors claim that fasting for up to 24 hours has its health perks: a lessened dependency on sugar, a smaller chance for diabetes, and lower blood pressure. Fasting teaches you to control your appetites. As we develop a greater self-control, we are able to gain strength to resist unhealthy foods. Give it a try!

Sugar Preacher's Experience
I strongly recommend fasting once a month or more. When I fast, I usually don't drink water or eat food for 24 hours. You might be comfortable starting with a partial fast, which might be only drinking water and fasting for 12 hours. I recently volunteered with City Harvest preparing bags for the Skip Lunch Fight Hunger program. The program comprises of large companies that recruit employees to skip lunch and donate the equivalent of one day's lunch to City Harvest. City Harvest is a non-profit food rescue organization that helps feed the hungry. Another humanitarian idea is to donate the money not utilized by your skipped meals to a charitable or non-profit organization. I strongly believe in fasting and sharing my resources, because it helps me develop greater self-control and compassion.


Kiasa said...

i love your ideas! I'm working on a "no chocolate" diet for a month...not quite as extreme, but important for me right now. The main reason for my "no chocolate" diet right now is I felt I was eating too much sugar and a lot was coming from chocolate sources. I was also feeling "entitled" (not necessarily a craving, but close) to chocolate everyday. It's been over a week (since April 10th) and the only slip up was mint chocolate chip ice cream.

The Sugar Preacher said...

Chocolate is a great food to eliminate! Chocolate is very addictive. It has been hard to depart with chocolate! However, cooking with carob powder has been a life saver. Also, thanks for sharing your blogs. I am excited to try the Lemon Ricotta Pancakes! Yum!!!

adheath said...

This is a great idea! Not only do I feel renewed physically, but there is a sense of spiritual renewal as well. I've found I actually eat less after I fast