Saturday, April 19, 2008

Day 19-Nutritional Bite

Take control of your sugar cravings through exercise! Neal Barnard, M.D. mentioned several benefits of a good workout: blocks appetite swings, resets your mood and your exercise-rest cycle allowing you to sleep better. He also discusses exercise and its relationship to leptin. Leptin is a fat hormone and has a central role in fat metabolism. If you get more exercise, you can lower your leptin levels. If you want more information, see Dr. Barnard’s book “Breaking the Food Seduction”.

Sugar Preacher's Experience
I am an avid exerciser and advocate. Exercise contributes to my emotional, physical, and spiritual well-being. I seem to be happier, eat healthier, and sleep better when I have a consistent exercise routine. Another benefit of exercising is the desire for nutritious foods such as a fresh fruits and salad. Exercise will help reduce your sugar cravings, and you might start craving healthy sugars!!


Kiasa said...

This is SO true for me! When I get out for a jog on a regular basis I tend to eat and crave healthier foods. The other day I actually was craving a salad and it was SO weird!

(I met you in the park today! Thanks for spreading the news on eating healthier!)

adheath said...

Exercise definitely helps in curbing my cravings. It is difficult to get started if you aren't already in the habit. I don't usually enjoy running, but if you find a partner, it helps immensely to be healthier and more active.

Josh Black said...

Today I am recovering from 3 pints of Ben and Jerry's ice cream that I ate yesterday, plus two pints from the day before. I feel like I need to check into abb rehab tomorrow! Interestingly enough, on a day when I exercise, I am incapable of eating like that. I simply do not have the "motivation" to destroy my body like that. Seems that a pretty simple way to keep control of cravings is indeed a little exercise. For me this is key, because my physique is my livelihood! (