Friday, April 18, 2008

Day 18-Nutritional Bite

Take control of your sugar cravings by replacing them with healthy snacks! Snacks at the office might include a trail mix, baby carrots, dried fruit, yogurt, vegetables, fresh fruit, hummus and crackers, flaxseed chips and salsa, health bars, etc.... Choose to buy your nutritious snacks at the grocery store, not the office. Make sure you prepare and stock your refrigerators, book bags, desks, drawers, lunch boxes, and cabinets with healthy snacks!!

Sugar Preacher's Experience
My favoriate grocery store in NYC is Trader Joe's, because they sell organic foods and healthy snacks. If you don't like to wait in lines, I would suggest shopping before noon. Trader Joe's offers wide variety of dried fruits, trail mix, and other nutritious snacks. Also, read the labels because often foods are loaded with sugar but appear healthy. Recently, I enjoyed a tasty cookie from Whole Foods. The main ingredients were rolled oats, spelt flour, and maple syrup. Find healthy treats that work for you! You don't need to shop at health food stores in order to eat healthy, but it does help as less processed foods are offered. However, if you are shopping at a local grocery store, read labels and make healthy choices!


outdoorchica said...

Hey! I'm one of those random people from the TESOL conference you met waiting to be seated at Topaz a few weeks ago :)

One of my favorite new "sweet" snacks is Clif Nectar bars. They are made with only a handful of ingredients (usually organic dates, nuts, dried fruit) and they definitely satisfy my sweet & chewy cravings. Plus, they are high in fiber and come in chocolate flavors, too (Nectar Cacao)! You can get them at Trader Joe's and at Whole Foods. :)

Thanks for telling me about your blog!

The Sugar Preacher said...

It is good to hear from you. Thanks for sharing your favorite "sweet" snack. I'm excited to try the Clif Nectar bars. Thanks for reading and please tell your friends! Also, I love comments and suggestions so please leave them anytime...

adheath said...

This couldn't be more true! I talked to a man who quit smoking and he said the main thing that helped him quit was by replacing the typical cigarette purchase with another purchase. He didn't have the willpower to just stop buying cigarettes, he had to make a substitution for something else. I like to substitute powerbars, triscuits, and wheatthins for sugar. These little snacks help get me through the day. Great idea!