Monday, April 14, 2008

Day 14-Nutritonal Bites

Take control of your cravings! Instead of eating large meals, eat small meals at regular intervals. Small meals control your appetite and regulate your metabolism. If you want to loose your weight, you just need to control your appetite. Skipping meals results in hunger pains and leads to sugar cravings. Never skip breakfast--the most important meal of the day. Breakfast helps you gain nutrients lost during the night and provides you with energy for the entire day.

Sugar Preacher's Experience
This week I am going to focus on strategies to eliminate cravings. Small meals every three hours are a great tip for weight loss. When I eat a meal every 6 hours, the hunger results in sugar cravings. These cravings lead me to consume junk food. Also, if I am trying to lose weight, I eat six small meals of 200-300 calories. Small meals are a great strategy to control your sugar intake. Try it!


Jay said...

Hey Sugar Preacher,
In the future...can you dedicate a Nutritional Bite to high quality snacks that people can keep at work or in their bag while they are at school?

I want to keep some quick healthy options in my office so I can reach for it in times of weakness!

Thanks for the blog and keep up the good work. I am taking you up on the challenge...I am not off sugar 100%, but I am migrating to a healthier lifestyle.

The Sugar Preacher said...

Great idea! If you have any other suggestions, please let me know. Congratulations on your decision to a healthier lifestyle!